Scam Alert

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been experiencing a surge in demand for face masks and gloves.
During these times of high demand, many PPE suppliers like ourselves have discovered fraudulent and criminal activity.
Please be aware when purchasing potential false claims of our products as these diminish the value and integrity of our brand.

Please read the following

  1. BeeSure DOES NOT work with individuals, agents, or companies representing our BeeSure brand.
    BeeSure only works with its official distributors.
  2. BeeSure DOES NOT have capacity to provide a buyer with a quantity of millions of boxes.
  3. BeeSure DOES NOT request customers to transfer money through a third party or to any unauthorized bank.
  4. BeeSure DOES NOT sell gloves through LinkedIn and Facebook platforms, nor practice in commission payment.

What to do if you suspect fake product?

There are fake and unofficial products coming into the market that may use our BeeSure brand name and logo. These products are made and distributed without the knowledge and consent of BeeSure. Our face masks and gloves are tested to meet the stringent needs of our customers with the highest quality and level of protection required. Please be aware when purchasing potential fake products as these diminish the value and integrity of
our brand.

If you encounter a product or have been approached by a representative that you may suspect is fake, please do not hesitate to contact us and send pictures to:

US: [email protected]
International: [email protected]

If you have been a victim of suspected non-delivery of merchandise by fake representatives,
report to [email protected]

Link: FBI website on Scams and Safety

Here is a list of official BeeSure dealers/ distributors in the US:

For international distributors, please contact: [email protected]

*PLEASE NOTE: That documents such as certificates, testing reports, product specifications, packaging dimension and weight, and production capacity are only provided to our authorized dealers to avoid any document forgery
by scammers.